11-13 January 2011 Brisbane has the largest flood since 1974. The river was due to peak at 4am on the 13th.
12.1.2011 Barrack Rd and Gernade St 4-45am not flooding12.1.2011  Neighbourhood ducks12.1.2011 Two lonely ducklings by a creek at low tide.12.1.2011 Tug struggles12.1.2011 River debris under the Gateway Bridge12.1.2011 River marker12.1.2011 Brisbane River debris12.1.2011 Brisbane River debris in mangroves.12.1.2011 River debris12.1.2011 Neptune 112.1.2011 Neptune 212.1.2011 Pontoon debris 212.1.2011 Catamaran 112.1.2011 Catamaran  412.1.2011 Potoon debris 112.1.2011 Tug dealing with a rushing low tide12.12011 Under the Gateway Bridge low tide12.1.2011 Under the Gateway at low tide.12.1.2011 Brisbane river at dusk.12.1.2011 Low Tide at Dusk