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Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops aduncus

Jinx is captive bred, born on November 14 2005. Making her current age at the time of this photograph almost 11 years old.

Sired by Squeak and Delbert, making Jinx a 3rd generation Captive Bred dolphin on her dame’s side. Delbert Jinx’s sire was wild caught and transferred to SWGC from Marineland GC and is estimated to be approx. 53 years old. Squeak’s dame (Jinx’s grandma) was a dolphin named Splash, she was a wild capture in approx 1966 when she was estimated to be 15 years old and then transferred to SWGC from Marineland GC in 1976, she died in July 2010 at the estimated age of 59 years. Squeak’s sire is currently data deficient.

Jinx currently performs in the dolphin show. She is also a part of the breeding program having had her 1st calf Dusty on 9th December 2016.