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Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin Tursiops aduncus

Howie was rescued in June 2013. However it was not his first rescue. Howie had become entangled in fishing line when scavenging food on several occasion and according to Trevor Long of SWGC, they were approached by the Dept Agriculture & Fisheries to collect him for non-release as he had become a pest.
Jacqui low res file Trainer Kelly with Dolphin Howie20170223-AUS-INV-D1-318-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-SAT-d1--8791-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-SAT-d1--8792-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-SAT-d1--8793-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-SAT-d1--8794-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-SAT-d1--8795-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-JOK-d1--3415-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-JOK-d1--341620170223-SWGC-JOK-d1--3417-HOWIE20170223-SWGC-JOK-d1--3418-HOWIE