Jaxybelle Photography | Lady Elliot Island - Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
110309 Approaching Lady Elliot Island.jpg110309 Lady Elliot Island from aboveSea UrchinLife underwater110310 Lady Elliot Island reef lagoon110309 Lady Elliot Island Reef Lagoon110309 Lady Elliot Island Reef Lagoon late afternoonLet there be light, Lady Elliot Island Sunset110309 Rainy Sunset Turtle Beach110309 Here comes the rainTurtle Nest MarkerTurtle release talk before heading to Turtle Beach to release the hatchlingsGreen Turtle Hatchling making its way to the oceanGreen Turtle Hatchling making its way to the ocean110310 Buff Banded Rail - Rallus philippensis110310 Noodie in a pandanas tree2011 Eagle Ray2011 Manta Ray 42011 Manta Ray 12011 Manta Ray 2