Jaxybelle Photography | Hervey Bay, Queensland
Yatch Hervey BayDolphin bow riding Hervey BayHumpback Whale BlowHumpback Whale Tail and blow hole sprayHumpback Whale TailHumpback Whale Close EncounterCurious Humpback WhaleHumpback Whales Close EncounterHumpback Whale Tail 3Humpback Whale TailsFull Moon Rising, Hervey BayHumpback Whale  BreachingHumpback Whale  BreachingHumpback Whale Tail off Fraser IslandHumpback Whale TailHumpback Whale -  Breaching 2dHumpback Whale Tail near Fraser IslandHumpback HighwayHumpback Whale - synchron ized swimming and fin slappingHumpback Whale -  Breaching 2a