Brown Sugar Party
By Toby Longhurst
Brisbane’s LGBT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and support group gar’ ban’ djee’ lum’ have announced that they will be holding a dance party to celebrate and showcase the culture of the LGBT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community.
‘Brown Sugar’ will be held at St Paul’s Tavern, Spring Hill on 25 June and will be open to the entire community. The night will feature R&B/ Soul music as well as performances and other entertainment.
QAHC Health Promotions Officer Brett Mooney told QNews, “What we want to achieve is for us to hold an event to show the rest of the community who we are. It’s about time we stood up with in the gay community.”
“It is promoting acceptance and the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities in general and specifically the GLBT community. It is our chance to welcome both the gay and straight communities and show everybody who we are”, Mr Mooney said.
The gar’ ban’ djee’ lum (us mob) network has been together for 12 years and is a social interactive group for the LGBT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. They hold regular BBQs, raffles, parties and camping trips.

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