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I've been wanting to add pet photography to the genres of photography Jaxybelle loves to get involved with since Ollie joined my family.  He's my inspiration and a wonderful model. 

There's not a day that goes by without me wishing my camera was in my hands to freeze a moment in time, when Ollie is up to something or in some cases up to nothing in a most spectacular way and I'm sure I am not alone in thinking that way. 

 Our furbabies are BuddyBuddy LoveBuddy is a tiny fellow who thinks he's giant. family, they are our best friends and they change our lives, they give and receive love in the most unconditionally wonderful way.  I am truly looking forward to providing lasting memories of those that come into our lives with fury paws, feathers or scales. 

Jaxybelle Furbaby Photo Sessions are designed to allow your pet's personality and distinctive look to sparkle! Jaxybelle shoots in natural light on-location, making sure to pay particular attention to the overall look and feel of the photographs, providing you with stunning photos of your furbaby, fitting art pieces that you'll be proud to mount on the walls of your home, providing memories that will carry on beyond their time with you.

Roger & MollyMolly & RogerJaxybelle spent a wonderful afternoon with Rodger and Molly last Saturday, there were a few outfit changes, a fair it of running around, some playing in the hose and chewing on a pink squeaky pig toy, and to top it off treats and snuggles. The day ended with both Rodger and Molly falling asleep on the laps of Cameron and Alan, who certainly dish out the love to their furbabies. Jaxybelle Furbaby Sessions are designed to be fun with a hint of adventure, whilst also remaining relaxing for not only your best buddy but also for you.  That way everyone gets to enjoy the experience and let their unique personalities shine.  Jaxybelle loves seeing your furbaby play with their favourite toys and just do the things they like doing the best.  Of course there will be moments where Jaxybelle will want a specific shot to capture those floppy ears, secret smile, distinctive stripe or mesmerizing gaze.  We know not everyone has had training and does what they are told all the time, however in a very relaxed way we always get the shot we're after.   We can work with leads on or off, sometimes there is a bit of both.  Leads can be edited out of the photographs however it's nice to leave them in on occasion.  A walk in the parkA walk in the park

A Jaxybelle Furbaby Session can be at your home or at your local park, maybe there's a funky urban space you both enjoy on your walks and of course a personal  favourite of ours the doggy beach shoot.  If you don't have a location in mind Jaxybelle would be happy to suggest a few.  Sometimes the best location is decided by your furbaby, nervous dogs are usually far more relaxed at home in the surrounds they know and love.  Cats too are far better at home, although Ollie loves going for a walk on his lead.  Jaxybelle's aim is to get the best moments in photographs and that means everyone is enjoying where they are.  A deluxe session can include two locations as long as they are in close proximity (within 15 minutes of each other is preferable).   Although Jaxybelle is happy to include you in some of the photographs, we will often use techniques that put the focus where it should be during a furbaby session.  However Poppy on her lampPoppy's Favourite SpotPoppy loved being all warm and toasty on her favourite lampshade.   we love capturing special moments between your furbaby and the people they love, you! So if you are after a couple of special interaction photographs we are happy to provide them.  Our goal is to capture natural, candid moments that can happen any day and everyday.  Of course each session differs depending on what type of furbaby, feathered baby or scalybaby you have, however the end result is always the same, beautiful photographs for you to display proudly on your wall or in a custom designed photobook.

Sadly we often outlast our best friends. This beautiful lady is a whitefaced cockatiel who flew into my life and was with me for only 6 years, she is missed dearly and I am so thankful to have known her and now have wonderful lasting reminders in the photographs I took throughout our time together.  Jaxybelle would be proud to provide you with photographs that will serve as a memorial for those who choose us and we welcome as family.

It's a privilege to  PPPPrincess Popalina Piddlepants PoppyPoppy always happy when there were crumbs to munch on. be invited to photograph an older loved one, Jaxybelle recently got to spend some time with Kiera a lovely 17 year old Russian Blue furllady I can't really call her a baby at 84 in cat years.  I've known Kiera since she was kitten and she always been a lovely lady with a feisty streak that disappears as fast as it arrives. Her cheeky personality still evident, although she's a little slower on her toes these days.  It truly was wonderful to be able to capture photographs in her golden years for her mum, who loves her dearly and will miss her terribly once Kiera passes on.  It's those moments which make Jaxybelle's Furbaby Session so special to me personally and why I'm so happy to be offering these sessions to clients, our fury family members are important to us and being able to provide a beautiful lasting memory is an honor I treasure. 

KieraThe Grand Old Lady - KieraIt was a pleasure to hang out with Kiera a beautiful 17 year old Russian Blue (which is approximately 84 in cat years). She spends her days now snoozing in the sun on the double bed. For as long as I've known her and that's been since she was a kitten, she always been a lovely lady with a feisty streak that disappears as fast as it arrives. Her cheeky personality still evident, although she's a little slower on her toes these days. There are two options for Jaxybelle Furbaby Session, the first a shorter shooting time, at only one location with limited products available at the end and the second a longer shooting time at up to two locations, ensuring we get all those special moments which opens up a whole range of prints, wall art and photobooks to choose from.  All session are for a maximum of two furbabies, however if you have more than two in your life Jaxybelle is very happy to discuss a specialized session for you and your tribe.

Jaxybelle's Furbaby Session Information

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Ollie wants to go shopping Ollie loves shopping daysThere's never a dull moment when the shopping bags come out and getting out the door quickly is almost impossible.





If your thinking about having your furbaby photographed, Jaxybelle would love to be involved in helping you achieve that goal.  We understand organizing a photographic session can be a bit confusing, please get in touch for a relaxed no obligation chat about our sessions, pricing and products, we're happy to help. 

Please either use the comments link on this blog or feel free to email us at jaxbelle@optusnet.com.au


Jackie Curtis


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