Birth Photography is real. It’s powerful. It’s emotional. It’s a promise you’ll remember this miracle forever. A birth in a hospital, at a birthing center, a homebirth, a c-section – no matter where or how you give birth, the memories of that day will be the most compelling and precious memories you’ll ever have, but they can get lost in the fog of labor and emotion. What did you look like as you saw your newborn for the first time? How did your baby look in the instant he was born? Who was in the room? Who smiled? Who cried?
A Jaxybelle Birth Photography package will make sure those moments stay with you forever.

Please contact me if you are considering photographing the birth of your child. I would love to chat with you about it and it would be an honor to be present and to document the occasion.

I service the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia. However am willing to travel anywhere further assuming travel expenses are included in Birth Photography package.
birth photographyBirth Photography is real.  It's powerful.  It's emtional.  It's a promise you'll remember this miracle forever.It's the most important day of your baby's life.  Relish every little moment of the beautiful journey.Little Feet.  We are all small when our lives begin, how precious it is to be able to remember that.Newborn fingers.  I can still remember the first time you held my hand, you were only a baby.