To order your triptych please select the product and size you want first then you will be asked to select the 3 individual images you wish to use. Please DO NOT select the SAMPLE image with all three photographs in the one image.

Jaxybelle Triptychs are a series of three photographs and are available in; Metallic Prints, Canvas Prints, Stretched Canvas, Acrylic Print wall mounts and Metallic Acrylic Print wall mounts.

Small Size 20.3x30.5cm x2 & 30.5x45.7cm
(Square 30.5x30.5cm)
(Metallic Prints & Metallic Acrylic Only)

Medium Size 40.6x61CM x2 & 61x91.4cm
(Square 61x61cm)
(Acrylic & Metallic Acrylic Only)

Medium Size 50.8x33.8cm x2 & 50.8x76.2cm
(Metallic Prints Only)

Large Size 50.8x76.2cm x2 & 76.2x114.3cm
(All Products)

When purchased as a package of three they come at a discount ranging from 15-25% off the price of purchasing three individual pieces of the equivalent size and product.

When choosing a package with a square photograph, please note to check the cropping when you are at the checkout. For photographs not already in square format you can adjust the cropping during the checkout process.

Thank you :)
Flying Seagull Triptych --SAMPLE ONLY--130131Seagull flying-4130131Seagull flying130131Seagull flying-5Seagull Square Centre Triptych --SAMPLE ONLY--